When I first started building my business, I was fortunate to able to rent a room at the Complementary Health Clinic on an ad hoc basis at a reasonable rent. This was an amazing facility for new and part-time therapists that could not or did not want to take on the responsibility of having to pay for a regular slot whether or not any clients had booked in.
Now that it is no longer running as a Complementary Health Clinic, I want to do my little bit to help support the therapists that choose to work here, whether they live here or choose to travel here by giving them the chance to build up or maintain their client base in a similar, affordable, way. I keep the rent low and the space can be rented for just one hour or for a full day depending on your needs.

The room in Lerwick is available to rent on an hourly basis at a flat rate per hour. 

At the moment the room is generally booked on Tuesday and Friday all day and around teatime on Monday and Wednesday.

If you are interested in renting the space, email us: info@shetlandtherapyrooms.co.uk